A serene bath in a remodeled home in Rollingwood, a small city southwest of downtown Austin.  

Zen Bath: A serene bath in a remodeled home in Rollingwood, a small city southwest of downtown Austin.






Prepare to Sell - Deep Clean.


Valued clients,

It seems obvious that you should clean your house for sale, but, surprisingly, many people do not. An immaculately clean house is a well cared for house - the kind that buyers love. Clean the place wall to wall. Paint over anything that cannot be cleaned. Consider hiring some help!

Let us know if you need a referral, or see our contractor list.

Look forward to working with you to prepare your home for sale!


Roselind Hejl, Realtor
Coldwell Banker United Realtors
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An immaculately clean house reads as a well loved house. Clean your home from top to bottom. Paint over anything that will not clean up.


  • Bath tile should be cleaned with mildew cleaner.
  • If the tub caulk is darkened, replace it. This comes in rolls, which can be easily installed.
  • Wash or replace shower curtains.
  • Make sure all soap residue is removed.


  • Kitchen appliances must sparkle.
  • Stove burner pans are easily replaced at Home Depot. Never wrap them in foil.
  • Make sure the oven is clean.
  • Touch up or repaint any scuffed door trim, baseboards and cabinets.
  • Use a scratch cover, oil or wax to heighten the color of wood trim.
  • "Howard's Restore-a-finish" works wonders on scratched cabinets. (Benjamin-Moore Paints)
  • Minwax Gel Stain can be used to re-stain cabinets for a more updated look
  • Do not leave trash containers on display.


  • Have the windows cleaned. Clean windows add a sparkle to the room.
  • During showings we want you to open blinds and expose as much glass as possible.
  • Nothing sells a house better than natural light.
  • If your lights are dim, increase the size of the bulbs.
  • Combine indoor lamp lighting with natural light for warm, cheerful rooms.


  • Nice smells are subtle but very important. Buyers are sensitive to bad smells, and will be suspicious of a house with an odor.
  • Use potpourri, candles or cinnamon sticks in hot water.
  • Do no use air fresheners to cover up bad smells - this just compounds the problem. Remove the source of the smell first.
  • Often, people cannot recognize a smell in their own home. We are prepared to give you frank feedback on smells if you have pets, smoke, or cook with strong spices.
  • Unfortunately, if pets have used your carpet as a bathroom, the only choice is to replace the carpet. Cleaning does not work. The smell is in the pad and sub floor.
  • In the garage, chemicals that have a strong odor should be sealed in plastic bags or removed.


  • Floors must be immaculate.
  • If the flooring is worn out, consider replacing it.
  • Do no offer an allowance for carpet. If you are going to pay for new carpet, do it prior to marketing and benefit from the improvement in presentation.
  • New carpet will transform a house. Don't worry about whether the buyers will like it. Just choose a neutral shade.


  • Walls usually need touch up, especially if there are children or pets in the house. This makes a big difference in your presentation.
  • Leave some labeled paint cans for your buyers - they will appreciate it.
  • Surfaces that cannot be cleaned can be painted.


  • You may need to wash the exterior of your house with mildew cleaner, like chlorine bleach.
  • Often the shady areas have dark stains that will disappear with washing.
  • Deck wood may need to be washed and sealed.
  • Clean flower beds and add fresh mulch.

Tips for Touching Up Walls:

Before using paint – reduce the need for touch up by cleaning the walls first.  This goes a long way.  Just a bowl of soap and water will work.  If you need a stronger product, here are two:

Use spackle sparingly, and it will make nail holes disappear.  Fill the hole and wipe with a damp cloth so that there is no excess on the wall.

If you need to touch up the spot just use a Q-Tip with a drop of paint.  It will be less visible than a pass over the area with a paintbrush.   
If you need to touch up the walls, try to use the same batch of paint that was used for the original paint job.

Use a throwaway plastic bucket with a handle to hold the paint safely as you move around.

Mix some water with your latex paint to thin it down.  The light coat will cover, but not be as noticeable as a heavy layer. 

If you must have new paint mixed, be prepared to paint the whole wall.  Paint swatches that are not matched exactly will not appeal to buyers.    


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