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Valued clients,

Here is a list of Austin area green vendors and contractors.

Most of these were compiled at the 2008 Renewable Energy and Green Living Fair.

If you know of a green vendor, feel free to email me.






Austin Green Vendors .


Advice and Support
Austin Energy Green Building
State Energy Conservation Office
Pedernales Electric Green Works
Texas Solar Energy Society

Alternative Fuels
Evolution Biodiesel

Biodiesel 1-2-3

Electric Power Engineers
Enx Company
Construction Systems
Alford Steel Home Builders
R. C. Smoot Construction
Solid Concrete Homes

Solar Tube
2112 Rutland Dr. Suite 175
Austin, TX 78757
(877) 371-SOLA


EarthCo Megablock
Central Texas Metal Roofing Supply
Advantage Metal Roofs
EH Systems
AARIOS Cooling Systems
Energy Generation
Skystream Power Appliance
Southwest Windpower

Sunrise Solar
Solar Thermal and Wind Power

Moore Energy, Inc.
Devine, TX



Cinco Solar
Solar Hot Water - Solar Electricity
Austin Solar AC
Whole House Energy System
Techsun Solar
Solar Water & Pool Heating
Think Solar
Innovative energy technologies
Texas Solar Power
Sunrise Solar
Pool heating
Northern Power

SMU Geothermal Lab

Renewable Energy Home and Building Energy Reduction
Tim Bugh - 745-3598
Insulated Concrete Forms
Build Block Insulating Concrete Forms
Mike Pilley Enterprises

Amazon Forms
Composite insulated concrete forms

Azomite Soil Re-mineralizer
Damon Berry Distribution
Environment Sensitive
Organic Pest Termite Control
Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assoc
Element 7 Concrete Designs
Environmental Remodeling & Construction
BioFoam Insulation

Gary Balluck & Assc. LED & Solar Lighting

Climate Master Windows
Sunsational Solutions
Window coating
Waste Disposal
Southwest Septic Loo
Water Collection/Purification

Big Grass Bamboo

Texas Rainwater Systems
Collect It - Use It
Pioneer Water Tanks
Rain Harvesting
Jolee Enterprises
Today's Water
Conditioning your water.
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